Eishay Smith

Parallelizing JUnit test runs

Test runs should be as fast as possible in order to allow a lean development cycle. One of the applications is a Continuous Deployment (see Lean Startup). Using strong multi-core machines to run tests is not enough since most unit tests are using a single thread per test. Apart of reducing IO to minimum, having […]

February 20, 2010

Pascal-Louis Perez

select product(value) from mytable

A nice tip from Harold Fuchs to calculate the product in Mysql select exp(sum(log(coalesce(value,1))) from mytable The coalesce() function is there to guard against trying to calculate the logarithm of a null value and may be optional depending on your circumstances. Here’s an example +——+——-+ | id | value | +——+——-+ | 1 | 3 […]

February 12, 2010

John Hitchings

Voldemort in the Wild

At kaChing, we’ve tried to embraced as much of the lean startup methodology as possible. In keeping with the spirit, we’ve worked to scale our infrastructure smartly, using data to drive our decisions and discarding speculation. As part of our infrastructure, we’ve embraced Project Voldemort as a highly performant and reliable data store. One experiment […]

February 02, 2010