Julien Wetterwald

I Can Has Invariant Mapz?

If I had to pick one of the major source of bugs in large refactorings I recently went through, it would probably be the bunch of methods in the java.util.Map interface which are contravariant on the key type. For instance, one can retrieve an element from a map using a supertype of its key type […]

July 29, 2010

Pascal-Louis Perez

We Need More Than One; Why Programming Languages Matter

When we started kaChing’s architecture, one core design principle was set in stone: our systems would be language neutral. We strive to combine the best ideas from all languages and employ a good number of them on a day-to-day basis (Java, Scala, Ruby, Python, bash, Clojure, Erlang and so on). We use simple data formats […]

July 26, 2010

Eishay Smith

Prezi on Continuous Deployment at kaChing

Here is a yet another presentation on Continuous Deployment at kaChing. The talk focused on continuous deployment and lean startup and was based on Pascal’s and David’s posts.   Continuous Deployment on Prezi  

Kevin Peterson
Kevin Peterson

Elsewhere: Next Generation Java Programming Style

Vlad sent around a very good article on good Java coding style, which we all liked. Most of the suggestions are exactly what we do here, with a heavy functional influence on our Java code. A sample: Final is your new love: More and more Java developers in the teams I’ve worked with, started to […]

July 21, 2010

Pascal-Louis Perez

Oakland eBIG hosting kaChing to talk about Continuous Deployment

Next Wednesday July 21st we will be presenting our continuous deployment system at eBIG in Oakland. During this presentation, I’ll focus on three aspects. Business value of continuous deployment; And how it fits into the Lean Startup principles. kaChing’s implementation of continuous deployment: testing, deployment manager, immune system Lastly, I’ll cover our step by step […]

July 16, 2010

Eishay Smith

SiliconValley CodeCamp 2010

If your’re interested in one or more of the following topics: Lean Startups, Extreme testing, DevOps, Continuous Deployment, Scala, ZooKeeper and Practical Compilers Techniques, join the kaChing team in the next Silicon Valley Code Camp. If you’re interested in some of the talks please log into the site and mark “Interested”. Applying Compiler Techniques to […]

July 08, 2010