Agile, test-driven development in… MATLAB?

September 23, 2010

I recently decided to take a leave of absence from kaChing to work with the Covert Systems Biology Lab at Stanford on building the world’s first “whole-cell” computational model. The team (size: 3) is extremely talented and packed with domain knowledge and experience, but they’ve never worked on a piece of software this large before. When I accepted the… Read more

Lean Startup for Geeks at kaChing with Eric Ries

September 22, 2010

UPDATE: We will be broadcasting the event live. On Monday, October 25, 6:30 PM we will have the second meetup of kaChing’s Lean Startup series, following the successful TGIF we had last month. This session we’ll have Eric Ries talking about lean startup. Eric coined the term “Lean Startup” and is the founding father of… Read more

Practical Scala/Java interoperability by small examples

September 14, 2010

If you try to combine Java code with Scala in your application, everything seems to go fine until you bump into big differences between Java collections and Scala collections. A Scala Traversable is not Java Iterable and vice versa; maps are different, etc. So, in practice, you have to do conversion. Fortunately, there are pretty… Read more

When Garbage Collection is Failure

For systems that absolutely require a constant responsiveness Java is generally not an option because of the pauses associated with the garbage collector. Even the alternative collectors, such as parallel and concurrent-mark-sweep, have a pause associated with them for major and minor collections. This problem can be avoided, though, by making sure the garbage collector… Read more

Keeping the trunk stable

September 10, 2010

Since the very beginning, kaChing has been trunk stable. In other words, everybody develops on the trunk and the software is stable at every point in time. Our trunk is being continuously built and tested and we cannot deploy a revision to production unless the revision has been successfully built and all the tests are… Read more

DevOps Cafe on Continuous Deployment and Operations Dashboards at kaChing

September 09, 2010

Open Mic is a new video series where John and Damon visit high performing IT operations and record an insider’s tour of the tools and processes these companies are using to solve their DevOps problems. In this episode, we visited disruptive financial services upstart, kaChing, in Palo Alto, California. David Fortunato, Pascal Perez, and Eishay… Read more