Dealing with Missing Data on the Frontend

March 21, 2011

What if you got an unexpected result from an ActiveRecord query? If it’s important for the current page, rendering a 500 is a good idea. If the data is being used for a non-vital section, it’s best to render the page without the section: @manager = Manager.find(params[:id]) rescue nil <div id=”sidebar”> <% if @manager.nil? %>… Read more

Ode to Textual Identifiers

March 18, 2011

Entities of a domain model are distinct from all other objects in their longevity. These objects are typically stored in a database, or a similar form of long-term storage, and need portable identifiers which can shared within a system, and beyond. Identifiers are essentially “handles to entities”, which can be passed around, in the same… Read more

Lean Startup Stage At SXSW

March 12, 2011

This morning we had the pleasure to present at the Lean Startup Stage at SXSW. We presented our case study on lessons learned in Agile, continuous deployment and creating high performing teams. Wouldn’t you love to build and deploy your software at impressive speed? We’ve just heard Eric speaking about maximizing the time through the… Read more

Taking corrective action with git’s commit hooks

March 08, 2011

Like many teams we use a Subversion pre-commit hook to perform simple validation on code we’re about to commit. When we commit to our front-end repository, for example, the hook verifies that lines don’t have trailing whitespace and that all text files end with a newline character. Unfortunately, when a SVN pre-commit hook fails, the… Read more

See us at Cloud Connect 2011 – Workshop on Continuous Delivery

March 03, 2011

Next Monday, March 7th, I’ll be presenting our architecture at Cloud Connect. The talk will be part of the workshop on cloudy operations organized by John Willis. This one day tutorial focuses on IT operations and automation in an environment that uses Cloud Computing. Coverage of standard IT operational disciplines, such as, monitoring, configuration management,… Read more

What’s your stock portfolio return?

Consider the following scenario: you invest your money starting with $100K in a brokerage account, and buy some AAPL shares at $200. Then you transfer $5K more into the account and buy some AMZN shares at $120. Later on you sell your APPL shares when it reaches $300. In the end you transfer $10K out… Read more