Adam Rosien

Watch my dev2ops video about Wealthfront’s engineering

Damon Edwards was kind enough to post his video of me giving my talk about Wealthfront at the dev2ops meetup at Enjoy!

April 14, 2011
Kevin Peterson
Kevin Peterson

When all else fails, check the documentation

I ran into a bug in my code today because I didn’t implement clone in a class that needed it (it’s used for rescheduling a failed task). Naturally, I went to fix the code to make these errors impossible through the magic of Type Safety, but Java wasn’t playing fair. It turns out this doesn’t […]

April 09, 2011

Adam Rosien

Slides for my DevOps Talk at

Tuesday night I gave a talk at for the DevOps crowd. It was a lot of fun and folks seemed to enjoy it. Mostly it was about being a lean startup and the code we’ve written to stay lean. I’ve uploaded my slides to Slideshare if you’re interested: Scaling(?) at Wealthfront View more presentations […]

April 07, 2011