David Fortunato

Interesting Reads

We’re going to try something new, a roundup of interesting links that are being passed around by Wealthfront Engineers. A brief history of digital typefaces Language / Library / VM co-evolution in Java SE 8 by Brian Goetz A javascript type inference engine Alan Kay on complexity in software and how biology might help us, […]

November 21, 2011

Julien Wetterwald

Deploying With a Phone Call: Speech Recognition in a Java backend

We had a lot of fun playing with last week’s experiment. However, it became quickly obvious that clicking on a button next to the service you want to deploy is much more convenient than talking to your web browser. Could we take the experiment further and build something that’s actually useful? Well, we all knew […]

November 11, 2011

David Fortunato

Siri for Continuous Deployment

It’s late on Friday afternoon, we’ve just finished an important marketing release (not a deployment which happen about 50 times a day) and playing with Siri ignited an interest in making our Deployment Manager respond to voice commands. Luckily x-webkit-speech makes that easy. Obviously the big demo here was going to be deploying services based […]

November 04, 2011