Tracking Down a Crash in iOS

March 27, 2014

One of the iOS black arts is hunting down the cause of a crash report. At the best of times they’re vague and indicative of the final point of failure; rarely do they ever identify the actual root cause in any enlightening way. So let’s take a look at a stack trace from one of… Read more

Unit testing -drawRect:

March 19, 2014

One of the more challenging places to get test coverage on iOS is custom UIView subclasses that override -drawRect:. Let’s examine how we do this at Wealthfront and look at an example from our iOS application. There are a number of great reasons to implement custom UIViews, for example we have a simple custom view… Read more

Nuke the NPE in Java

Null is a pain and it is time to nuke the NPE (NullPointerException) in Java! Actually, NPEs are trivial to fix, so they’re not actually what this blog post is about. View the code on Gist. We’ve all seen code like above throw a NPE, and we know the fix is trivial: View the code… Read more

iOS Development at Wealthfront

March 12, 2014

At Wealthfront everything we build is designed to move quickly. For example, it is common for new hires to deploy new code to production on their first day. Our continuous integration and deployment environment are designed so that if the tests pass we ship. This, of course, is actually quite normal for a Silicon Valley… Read more

Marketside Chats #4: Costs of replicating an S&P 500 portfolio

March 04, 2014

What are stock indexes? (For a stock index, this is the correct plural – not “indices”.) Wikipedia says it is “a method of measuring the value of a section of the stock market”. An index includes stocks that are similar in some meaningful way. Examples: all technology stocks, the biggest 100 stocks trading at the… Read more