Similarities of Disruptive Companies

April 02, 2015

At the end of our Wealthfront Onboarding program, we ask new team members what about Wealthfront most differs from their prior expectations. The most common answer is “Wealthfront is not a finance company.” This answer is unsurprising in retrospect, as it reflects a common yet fundamental misunderstanding of disruptive companies: many people believe startups win… Read more

Statistics Is Eating the World

August 15, 2014

Wealthfront’s culture encourages self-directed engineers and researchers. By doing so we learn faster and make better decisions informed by facts on the ground. While this practice is obvious for startups with a handful of people, scaling up to large teams is challenging. We set out to scale our culture of decentralized learning and decision-making as… Read more

Career Planning for New Grad and Young Engineers

February 20, 2014

Over the past 15 years I have hired hundreds of software engineers, many of whom were either interns or young people starting out in their career. I believe a key to this success is my genuine desire to help grow the careers of my recruits. If your teams have a great experience then word gets… Read more

How To Find a Great Engineering Culture

November 19, 2013

Earlier this year I decided to return to startups after five amazing years at LinkedIn. Finding a company with an engineering-driven culture was one of my highest priorities. My challenge was developing a framework to determine if a prospective employer had what I was looking for. Over the years I have observed that successful company… Read more