Sen Yu
Sen Yu

How to Make Your Persistent Queues Run Faster Safely

What is a Persistent Queue? A persistent queue is a list of objects that persist in the database waiting to be polled and processed in some way. Usually it is a table that has columns for data, timestamp of when the object persisted, and timestamp of when the object is polled. As opposed to an […]

May 04, 2016

Wealthfront Engineering

Reactive Charts with D3 and Reactive.js

New to Reactive.js? Check out last week’s introduction. All visualizations are ultimately a composition of smaller elements; data sets, scales, individual lines, and labels to name a few. Those elements relate to each other in different ways, and to manage their interdependency we typically find ourselves writing a master “render” method — something that can […]

April 18, 2013


Building the Startup Compensation Visualization

We recently published a company blog post titled Manage Your Tech Career that featured a visualization of “Startup Salary & Equity Compensation” across different job functions, levels, company sizes and regions. The post received more traffic than we anticipated, and a lot of people have asked questions about the tool. Here I’d like to tell […]

October 04, 2012

Qian Liu

Visualize Facebook’s IPO prospectus

It’s here. Finally. Social-networking darling Facebook yesterday filed an epic initial public offering seeking to raise $5B with the company valued between $75B to $100B. The IPO prospectus (also known as “Form S-1”) filed with the SEC is a massive registration document describing the details of the offering, the company’s business model and preliminary financial […]

February 01, 2012

Qian Liu

Cluster portfolios using return correlation

Motivation You might already know that diversifying your investment over uncorrelated assets is a good way to reduce risk. That’s why people watch asset return correlation closely so they can make informed decision in portfolio construction. Correlation is important not only in identifying diversification opportunities but also in understanding investment strategies’ characteristics so that we […]

January 07, 2011

Pascal-Louis Perez

When Canvas doesn’t cut it: Raphael.js

This is a guest post by Benjamin van der Veen who worked with us to develop a fabulous charting library leveraging vector graphics. Ben is a software consultant specializing in interaction design and development with a focus on iOS, as well as web server and REST web service design. He lives in rainy Portland, Oregon, […]

December 01, 2010