Rija Javed

Pushing a Feature On My First Day

  One of my main reasons for joining Wealthfront was its engineering culture. After meeting the team as well as perusing the engineering blogs, I was excited to start working here. So how did the first day fare? Well I was setup with all of the major projects, finished work on a small feature for […]

October 04, 2013
Kevin Peterson
Kevin Peterson

Mocking Java enums with jMock is both trivial and impossible

I recently ran into a situation where I needed to test some code that used an enum to select between various strategies. As a toy example of this, we’ll use Accounts which have a list of investments and a Strategy which defines what investments are acceptable. View the code on Gist. Strategy is a Java […]

October 02, 2013
Kevin Peterson
Kevin Peterson

Get thee to a nullery: self-aware nulls for testing

Pryce and Freeman’s Growing object-oriented software is a good practical guide to test driven development, as you’d expect from the authors of jMock. It isn’t necessarily easy to adapt piecemeal — introducing end-to-end tests after the fact would require a lot of rewriting and probably introduce more problems than it would be worth assuming you […]

April 11, 2012