Ian Atha

Video Recording & Slides: Psychology of Testing by Misko Hevery

A few weeks ago, as part of our “Lean Startup for Geeks” series of talks, we hosted Miško Hevery. Miško, who has inspired countless engineers to test effectively, spoke about the Psychology of Testing. Enjoy his slides and a recording of his presentation! Check out our next talk in the “Lean Startup for Geeks” series […]

February 09, 2011

Ian Atha

Live Broadcast for Lean Startup for Geeks at Wealthfront with Eric Ries

About a month ago, when we announced the second meetup of our “Lean Startup for Geeks at Wealthfront with Eric Ries” series, we couldn’t imagine the extraordinary demand for attendance. Our headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. couldn’t accommodate everybody who wanted in, and we had to turn down over 20 people and stop accepting requests […]

October 21, 2010

Pascal-Louis Perez

DevOps Cafe on Continuous Deployment and Operations Dashboards at kaChing

Open Mic is a new video series where John and Damon visit high performing IT operations and record an insider’s tour of the tools and processes these companies are using to solve their DevOps problems. In this episode, we visited disruptive financial services upstart, kaChing, in Palo Alto, California. David Fortunato, Pascal Perez, and Eishay […]

September 09, 2010

John Hitchings

Iterate Like a Whirling Dervish

Many thanks to the Lean Startup Circle SF for having me talk about continuous deployment. Slides will come momentarily. Continuous Deployment at LSC w/ KaChing from David Binetti on Vimeo. Update: and here are the slides. View more presentations from Pascal-Louis Perez.

June 25, 2010

Eishay Smith

Applied Lean Startup Ideas: Continuous Deployment at kaChing; Video!

Applied Lean Startup Ideas: Continuous Deployment at kaChing View more presentations from Pascal-Louis Perez. For more information check out the Continuous Deployment at kaChing; Slides! post.

June 05, 2010

Eishay Smith

New kaChing is live! time to invest like a Genius

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October 18, 2009