Lean Startup TGIF at kaChing

August 05, 2010

kaChing is hosting a TGIF on August 13th to gather smart people doing hard stuff around wine and cheese. We’ll talk about software architecture, test-driven development, continuous deployment and what not. Few invitations left, contact us if you’re interested!

How to Get a Job at Wealthfront

Getting a job at Wealthfront is not easy, but we would like to help. When approaching Wealthfront, first try to contact through a friend of a friend (LinkedIn is a great way). If you can’t find a connection, contact us then directly via our jobs at Wealthfront mail. Your resume and cover letter in a… Read more

Prezi on Continuous Deployment at kaChing

July 26, 2010

Here is a yet another presentation on Continuous Deployment at kaChing. The talk focused on continuous deployment and lean startup and was based on Pascal’s and David’s posts.   Continuous Deployment on Prezi  

SiliconValley CodeCamp 2010

July 08, 2010

If your’re interested in one or more of the following topics: Lean Startups, Extreme testing, DevOps, Continuous Deployment, Scala, ZooKeeper and Practical Compilers Techniques, join the kaChing team in the next Silicon Valley Code Camp. If you’re interested in some of the talks please log into the site and mark “Interested”. Applying Compiler Techniques to… Read more

Scala on Eclipse without the plugin

June 20, 2010

The Scala supported IDE is one of the few pain points of developers who want to start using Scala in their Java project. On existing long term project developed by a team its hard to step in and introduce a new language that is not supported by the existing IDE. On way to go about… Read more

Lean Startup Circle: Iterate Like a Whirling Dervish

June 11, 2010

Continuous deployment is a a process that allows companies to release software in minutes instead of days, weeks, or months. Pascal-Louis Perez, kaChing’s VP of Engineering and CTO, will talk at the Lean Startup Circle meetup on Jun 24. Pascal will describe how to use continuous deployment to iterate so fast that you run circles around… Read more