Running in the Background: Building Seamless Account Linking

March 27, 2019

Long ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and Wealthfront was starting to brainstorm a financial planning offering, early designs amounted to an online financial calculator with lots of bells and whistles. Users would be expected to enter all of their account information by hand — and keep it up to date! It took minimal… Read more

Testing the GPS behind tomorrow’s self-driving money™️

June 28, 2018

Recently, Wealthfront CEO Andy Rachleff shared the following vision at the CB Insights Future of Fintech conference: “Our vision is to deliver a service where you direct deposit your paycheck with us. We automatically pay your bills. We automatically top off your emergency fund, and then route money to whatever account is the most ideal… Read more

(Binary) Searching for your affordable home

February 12, 2018 ,

It’s an exciting time to be on the Path team. Two months ago, we released some new features for Path, and just two weeks ago, we added home planning. At a high level, our home planning feature aims to answer three questions: What can I afford? How does a home affect my overall finances? Where… Read more