Unit Testing for Sass with Sassaby

July 09, 2015

At Wealthfront we use Sass to write all of our CSS stylesheets. Sass is a powerful CSS pre-processor that allows you to leverage features common in programming languages, but are absent from native CSS. Using Sass variables, conditionals, loops, and functions, you can write extensible CSS that is easier to maintain across a large front-end… Read more

Performant CSS Animations: Netflix Case Study

June 30, 2015

While going over performant web animations with our new batch of interns, Netflix’s new redesign was brought up as an example of something that seemed to have DOM nodes that changed size and pushed other DOM nodes around. From my previous blog post on Performant Web Animations, animating properties such as width or top forces… Read more

Tame long tab titles with dynamically CSS-only scrolling

March 04, 2013

The problem: you have a long title for a tab (or some other small UI element) and it is important for the client to see all of the content, but you lack the space to show it. What do you do? Tooltip? Hide the overflow? Truncate with ellipsis? Here’s a suggestion: “active ellipsis”! Using a… Read more

Webkit’s -webkit-font-smoothing can make you fat

January 14, 2013

In a recent set of changes to our user interface, we came across rendering issues that were driving us bonkers: how could two pieces of text with the same color value appear to have different weight? It turned out the culprit was font smoothing. The font-smoothing CSS property is nothing really new at this point… Read more

Quick-n-dirty: Font Awesome icon search utility

December 18, 2012

We love Font Awesome. It has a wealth of very useful icons and now that the set is up to 210 icons we’re also finding it unwieldy to search for that right icon. So we made a super simple search utility. Enter in part of the icon’s class name and matching classes will be displayed…. Read more

Scrolling the Z-axis with CSS 3D Transforms

March 22, 2012

We recently decided to make a gimmicky appeal to designers in the hopes that they’d come talk to us. We knew we wanted to do something a little flashy and cutting edge, so CSS 3D Transforms seemed like a good place to start. Ultimately I decided I wanted a page that would allow users to… Read more