Creating TypeLiterals in Scala

August 30, 2010

In case anyone wondered, here is how one can easily create instances of Google Guice’s TypeLiteral in Scala. Type literals are used for reifying types. def typeLiteralOf[T](implicit m: scala.reflect.Manifest[T]): TypeLiteral[T] = (m match { case m: ClassManifest[T] if m.typeArguments.isEmpty => TypeLiteral.get(m.erasure) case m: ClassManifest[T] => TypeLiteral.get(new ParameterizedTypeImpl(m.erasure, { case n: ClassManifest[_] => typeLiteralOf(n).getType }.toArray))… Read more

Had a great Lean Startup TGIF at kaChing

August 15, 2010

Last Friday we had some great time at the kaChing “Lean Startup TGIF”. Engineers and entrepreneurs came over from all over the Bay area as far as San Francisco and Berkeley. We chatted about Lean Startups, Continuous Deployment, Test Driven Development/Deployment, Monitoring, seeking talent and geeking around about the next big thing. There was lots… Read more

August Coolness

The entrepreneurs roundtable are hosting us this Thursday to talk about kaChing’s engineering practices. To sign up, head to Facebook event page. The event is this Thursday August 19th and is hosted by Pillsbury Law Firm in Palo Alto, 2475 Hanover Street. It will start 6pm.

No Downtime Database Schema Changes

Maintaining database compatibility while deploying north of 30 times a day often raises a slew of questions during our tech talks. In this post, we will cover backward and forward compatible database schema changes. We will survey specific classes of change and describe how they enable no downtime rollouts. For formalists out there, we are… Read more

Type Safe Bit Fields Using Higher-Kinded Polymorphism

August 13, 2010

Refering to securities, such as stocks or bonds, is far from standard. We all know Apple’s ticker AAPL; But what about the Oracle of Omaha’s company Berkshire Hathaway? Google says BRKA, Yahoo! BRK-A, Bloomberg BRK/A and Reuters BRKa. Due to these oddities, every serious automated trading system like kaChing’s has at its core a powerful… Read more

Lean Startup TGIF at kaChing

August 05, 2010

kaChing is hosting a TGIF on August 13th to gather smart people doing hard stuff around wine and cheese. We’ll talk about software architecture, test-driven development, continuous deployment and what not. Few invitations left, contact us if you’re interested!