Converting dynamic SVG to PNG with node.js, d3 and Imagemagick

December 22, 2011

Visitors to Wealthfront might notice we’re using SVG to render the risk meter in our questionnaire, as well as your performance projection and other charts. We build our visualizations using d3.js, a fantastic library that provides just the right amount of abstraction on top of SVG to allow us to develop robust visualizations quickly. SVG… Read more

Our CEO Andy Rachleff talks about VC, entrepreneurship and Wealthfront at Dec 8th 7pm in SF Stanford Alum Club

December 07, 2011

Check out Andy Rachleff, our awesome CEO, who will speak at the Stanford SF Alum Club tomorrow night. He’s going to talk about entrepreneurship from three perspectives, developed through his career as a long-term venture capitalist at Benchmark Capital funding technology start-ups, as a lecturer teaching entrepreneurship at Stanford Business School, and as the CEO… Read more

Beyond Java’s Access Control: the Visibility Test

December 02, 2011

It is generally a good practice to use the most restrictive access level that makes sense. However, Java’s access control is not always as expressive as one would want. In this blog post, I am going to give two examples where an access level must be artificially relaxed. Then, I’ll describe Wealthfront’s recently open sourced… Read more