Kevin Yeh
Kevin Yeh

Writing JavaScript Tests for Asynchronous Events with Deferreds

A while back, one of our engineers at Wealthfront wrote an in-depth article about deferreds. It’s important that if the functionality you build relies on deferred objects to trigger asynchronous events, that the behavior is properly tested. In this post I will go through 2 simple examples on how to test functionality that uses deferred […]

July 29, 2014

Vivien Ye

My Internship with Wealthfront

I’m wrapping up my first couple of weeks at Wealthfront, and I’m very confident to say that I made the right decision for my last internship before graduation. On my first week, I was told “Now you know what it’s like to work at a hypergrowth startup company”. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment, […]

July 07, 2014