Pascal-Louis Perez

Lean Startup Stage At SXSW

This morning we had the pleasure to present at the Lean Startup Stage at SXSW. We presented our case study on lessons learned in Agile, continuous deployment and creating high performing teams. Wouldn’t you love to build and deploy your software at impressive speed? We’ve just heard Eric speaking about maximizing the time through the […]

March 12, 2011

Pascal-Louis Perez

Why Culture is Key

Typically, entrepreneurs seek three things: changing the world, financial success and creating a unique organization that will last for decades. The opportunity to shape a company’s culture, values and treatment of its customers is one of the most exciting elements of joining a startup early. When I decided to join Wealthfront in 2007, I saw […]

February 02, 2011

Pascal-Louis Perez

Evolve or die: Start-ups and “Dealing with Darwin”

It’s that time of the month again. Endless conversations about the product roadmap, planning, priorities and resources. “We’re accumulating too much technical debt,” says the CTO, “we badly need some time to work on magic-refactoring-XYZ.” The product guy nervously answers a bit too quickly: “Are you forgetting about those killer-features-of-the-year we’ve been putting off?” “What […]

November 04, 2010