Martin Loncaric
Martin Loncaric

A specific trick and a general habit for achieving fast computations

I recently worked on a computation involved in a client-facing projection graph. In order to delight our users, we wanted it to respond instantly to user interaction. However, there are two forces at play that make the calculation complicated: the consistent contributions of recurring deposits and the erratic motion of stock prices. We needed to […]

December 15, 2016
Sen Yu
Sen Yu

How to Make Your Persistent Queues Run Faster Safely

What is a Persistent Queue? A persistent queue is a list of objects that persist in the database waiting to be polled and processed in some way. Usually it is a table that has columns for data, timestamp of when the object persisted, and timestamp of when the object is polled. As opposed to an […]

May 04, 2016

Qian Liu

What’s your stock portfolio return?

Consider the following scenario: you invest your money starting with $100K in a brokerage account, and buy some AAPL shares at $200. Then you transfer $5K more into the account and buy some AMZN shares at $120. Later on you sell your APPL shares when it reaches $300. In the end you transfer $10K out […]

March 03, 2011