Team Crafting using a Team Depth Chart

A highly effective team is more than the sum of its parts because the interplay between team members’ strengths and weaknesses can be crafted into a cohesive unit. This blog post describes a management tool we use at Wealthfront to help craft an effective engineering team. The Challenge Crafting an effective engineering team is a… Read more

Senior Engineer Archetypes

Wealthfront believes in providing engineers opportunities to have impact so they can grow at a pace that matches their experience. However we have observed several instances where high-performing engineers would step up into senior roles and take on new responsibilities, but then unfortunately become unhappy or unsuccessful. When transitioning into senior engineering roles an individual’s… Read more

Principles of Engineering Culture at Wealthfront

April 26, 2024

Wealthfront is a technology company. We believe software is the key to building products that help our clients build wealth, and our relationship with technology directly determines how good we are at building this software. When engineers onboard at Wealthfront, we give them this document, our Principles of Engineering Culture. These principles describe Wealthfront’s relationship… Read more

Navigating the Monorepo Tooling Landscape:Wealthfront’s Journey

In this blog post, we will delve into the topic of Monorepo adoption at Wealthfront. We will start by discussing the technical challenges posed by the previous tech stack and how switching to a new tech stack enabled us to modernize our web application. We will then take a closer look at the benefits of… Read more

Unifying Wealthfront’s Transfer Flows: An iOS Engineering Journey

October 10, 2023 , ,

Introduction For over a year, the Cash team at Wealthfront has been working towards a consistent transfer experience across the Wealthfront ecosystem. Before beginning this project we had a number of separate transfer flows that each had their distinct user experience. Each transfer flow was built with its own set of UI components, models, and… Read more

The Wealthfront Engineering Intern Program: not all internships are built the same…

Universities excel at preparing students for their coming careers through foundational teaching. To complement this, Wealthfront seeks students who are motivated to gain professional experience before graduation by working as a software engineer within our 12 week summer internship program.  Why intern at Wealthfront? As described in a recent blog post about the new college… Read more