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Tommy Shiou

Senior Engineer Archetypes

Wealthfront believes in providing engineers opportunities to have impact so they can grow at a pace that matches their experience. However we have observed several instances where high-performing engineers would step up into senior roles and take on new responsibilities, but then unfortunately become unhappy or unsuccessful. When transitioning into senior engineering roles an individual’s… Read more

Kal Iyer

Unlocking Your Potential: Join the 2024 New College Graduate Class at Wealthfront and Set Your Career on a Thriving Path!

As you approach the final year of your university program, you have a pivotal decision coming that will shape your career trajectory. Your first job after graduation can be the stepping stone to a fulfilling and successful journey ahead. And when it comes to propelling your career, Wealthfront is among the best places to learn,… Read more

Sampson Gu

The Engineering Interview at Wealthfront

Our mission at Wealthfront is to build a financial system that favors people, not institutions. Core to achieving this mission is our engineering-driven culture: Data-driven decisions: We use metrics and models to drive our decisions at Wealthfront. We regularly review metrics, SLAs, and SLOs to provide insight for product development and infrastructure investments. When data… Read more

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