Looking for a passionate Systems Engineer !

October 11, 2009

Not a typical post, but I might as well use this platform to promote it. Come join the best startup ever !

kaChing is an investing talent marketplace where individual investors gain access to the best investing talent on the Web. An SEC registered investment adviser, kaChing enables customers to mirror automatically the trades of the “kaChing Geniuses” who have an Investing IQ of 140 or greater. The company’s investors include Marc Andreessen, Jeff Jordan, CEO of Open Table (OPEN) and former president of PayPal, and retired partners from Benchmark Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Join a stellar engineering team whose team members worked on massive backend infrastructure, Gmail’s high performance frontend, the Native Scala Compiler with Prof. Odersky and more. We are test-driven and have a continuous integration process that lets us achieve a 5 minute build and release cycle.

Job description:

  • In charge of the backend of a revolutionary web site doing large scale high availability deployments and configuration management using open source software.
  • Keeping the system having a fully automated release cycle, continues testing and monitoring.
  • Build tools for monitoring, security, systems management and deployment if the available ones are not enough.
  • Help engineers architect the next levels of the system and making sure it stays agile and easily absorb high capacity.


  • Extremely smart and self motivated
  • Passion for test-driven development and automated functional QA
  • Live and breathe performance
  • Thinks out of the conventional box of IT management
  • Experience with databases, preferable MySQL
  • Good knowledge about monitoring and deployment tools
  • Good knowledge about network and distributed computing
  • Expert in at least one scripting language and know at least one more
  • Ability to work independently
  • A BS in computer science or related fields

I’ll soon add a link to the official page.