Unlocking Your Potential: Join the 2024 New College Graduate Class at Wealthfront and Set Your Career on a Thriving Path!

As you approach the final year of your university program, you have a pivotal decision coming that will shape your career trajectory. Your first job after graduation can be the stepping stone to a fulfilling and successful journey ahead. And when it comes to propelling your career, Wealthfront is among the best places to learn, grow and make an impact.

Why Wealthfront?

At Wealthfront, we foster an environment where New College Graduates (NCGs) can thrive. Our company’s culture centers around continuous learning, innovation, and quality-driven software development. As a member of the 2024 NCG class, you’ll have the opportunity to build systems that redefine the financial industry through technology.

Emphasis on quality software

As an aspiring software engineer, you understand the importance of quality in every aspect of development. At Wealthfront, we uphold three fundamental tenets to software quality: reliability in production, maintainability for the future, and observability in case of failure. Building systems that adhere to these principles ensures that our products are robust and successful.

Quality software not only ensures loyal users, but it also enhances your skillset and makes you a highly valuable engineer in the industry. By working at Wealthfront, you will gain the knowledge and experience needed to create top-tier software solutions, setting you apart from your peers and opening doors to numerous opportunities in the future.

Also before their first year anniversary, most NCGs author software design documents consistent with our quality principles. Once engineered and deployed in production, they operate the system by triaging the incidents and prioritizing how to fix them in the long term.

Learning and mentorship

Wealthfront is committed to investing in your growth as an engineer and we believe that continuous learning is the key to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. As a NCG at Wealthfront, you will have access to a wealth of learning resources, including structured onboarding, an internal employee development program, and a learning stipend to take advantage of external resources such as classes, books, conferences and more. Over time, we encourage you to expand your learning by exploring opportunities in other teams within Wealthfront to expand the breadth of your knowledge.

But learning doesn’t stop there. We also place great importance on mentorship. You will be assigned a dedicated mentor who is an experienced engineer that will guide you, provide feedback, and share their valuable insights. Our mentorship program is designed to accelerate your professional development, ensuring that you receive the guidance and support needed to reach your full potential.

Beyond direct mentorship, our internal employee development program consists of 12 courses today with several additions in progress. In 2022, 48% of our engineers took part in one or more of these courses with 33% having already taken a course in 2023. Within the investing area Spencer Shaw took the Writing Effective Design Documents course and created a well written and structured design that received recognition for its quality. Within the cash area Oliver Chen took the SQL At Wealthfront course and within a week was using techniques he learned to help debug issues during his on-call rotation. These courses are created and taught by engineers and are a great way to learn and build relationships within the company.

Small teams, big impact

With only 120 engineers, Wealthfront maintains a tight-knit and collaborative working environment. This size provides NCGs with unparalleled opportunities to take on significant projects from the start. In larger corporations, it may take years to gain the same level of responsibility, but at Wealthfront, you’ll be entrusted with impactful projects quicker than you might expect.

The chance to work on substantial projects early in your career allows you to learn and grow exponentially. You’ll be challenged to stretch your abilities, honing your skills as you tackle real-world problems that directly contribute to the success of our products, and ultimately the company. Here are some stories from current Wealthfront engineers who began their careers here:

Before his second work anniversary, Austin McKee led the design and development of our Banking Platform. This new platform significantly increased the transparency and speed of transferring our client’s cash funds. Today, the Banking Platform moves billions of dollars of our funds, and Austin is the CTO of our broker-dealer subsidiary.

Within two years of joining Wealthfront, Allison Hume led a project to upgrade, migrate, and improve the scalability of the core databases that back Wealthfront’s online and trading systems. Today Allison is the tech lead of the Trading Platform team and runs a cross-functional program that is responsible for the scalability, performance, and reliability of the Wealthfront user experience.

A year and half into his tenure, Jack Payette led an important initiative to migrate our Linking Platform. The Linking Platform enables our clients to easily manage external accounts for money transfer and Wealthfront to have automated data, empowering our financial advice models. Today, Jack is leading the Brokerage Products team and recently led our fractional shares trading project.

After university and joining Wealthfront, Sampson Gu joined the backend engineering team to build Wealthfront’s Omnibus Brokerage Platform. Shortly after, Sampson led a project to build margin accounting, extending the brokerage platform. This platform functionality enables clients to borrow margin loans on their investment accounts. With an interest in management, Sampson today manages the Brokerage Infrastructure team.

Wealthfront and you

Are you ready to be part of a team that values your potential, invests in your growth, and empowers you to make a meaningful impact from day one? If you’re a rising Senior with a passion for software development and an appetite for learning, then the 2024 NCG class at Wealthfront is waiting for you.

Join our tight-knit team of engineers who are dedicated to building quality software. As a member of our team, you’ll have the chance to work on substantial projects, gaining invaluable experience that will set you apart in your career. Our commitment to your growth is reflected in the impressive tenure of our NCGs, who stay at Wealthfront longer than their peers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to lead significant projects and shape the future of finance through technology. Take the leap and unlock your potential with Wealthfront. Join us and set your career on a thriving path.


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