SAM SIG: Applied Lean Startup Ideas: Continuous Deployment at kaChing

May 17, 2010

Next week we’ll describe how kaChing is applying lean startup ideas, specifically Continuous Deployment. The talk will be an SDForum’s Software Architecture & Modeling Special Interest GroupĀ event. We will start by about why continuous deployment is so crucial to operating lean and how that applies to a growing financial company like kaChing. Then, we will… Read more

Actually Implementing Group Management Using ZooKeeper

January 09, 2010

ZooKeeper offers, in the words of its documentation, “off-the-shelf… group management”. The “off-the-shelf” part is inaccurate; it really offers the proper primitives to *implement* group management, but it’s up to you to fill in a few missing pieces. I’ll be describing one type of group management system I built at KaChing using ZooKeeper: A group… Read more