Wealthfront Lean Startup talks: Why Fighter Pilots Run Startups by Steve Blank

February 01, 2011

We’re excited to have Steve Blank in our next Wealthfront Lean Startup event on February 18 at Wealthfront HQ in Palo alto. Steve’s talk “Why Fighter Pilots Run Startups” will be about why startups are not small versions of large companies.

Steve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur, founding and/or part of 8 startup companies in California’s Silicon Valley. Today he is best known as a teacher at multiple universities. He is also the author of the Customer Development model for early stage companies. This model attempts to view entrepreneurship as a practice that can be managed rather than just purely an art form to be experienced.

Steve is well known in the Lean Startup community for his books: Four Steps to the Epiphany and Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost. At Wealthfront, Four Steps to the Epiphany is actually a must read for any new employee!

As always, you will need an an invitation to attend the event. To get an invitation add a comment to the post or shoot an email to (eishay or pascal) at wealthfront.com.